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ROS Fuerte Turtle

ROS Fuerte Turtle is the fifth ROS ROS distribution release and was released on April 23, 2012. ROS Fuerte has major improvements that make it easier to integrate with other software frameworks and tools. This includes a rewrite of the build system, migration to the Qt framework, and continued transition to standalone libraries. ROS aims to make robotics code more reusable, and this release is a strong new foundation for the next generation of great robotics libraries.


Please see the installation instructions.

Stack contributors: debian build status


ROS Fuerte Turtle is primarily targeted at the Ubuntu Lucid, Oneiric, and Precise releases, though it can also be installed on various Linux systems like Red Hat, Debian, and Gentoo. It can also be used on OSes like Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Android, and Windows, though with more limited compatibility. For more information on compatibility, please see REP 3: Target Platforms.

Major Updates and Library Versions

Strong new build foundation

New filesystem layout

Standalone ROS message libraries

Qt-based RViz

Gazebo 1.0

PCL 1.5

rosdep 2

New rospkg package/stack library

Standalone/separate rosemacs

Relevant REPs:


The Fuerte Migration Guide covers the most of the changes that you may need to do in order to upgrade to ROS Fuerte. Most of these changes are based on removing features that were deprecated in ROS Fuerte, and most are based on migrating libraries to standard system installs.

Deprecated/reorganized stacks

Change Lists


Please see the planning page.



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